June of action

For the most, June is a time of holidays – but not for our team. First, we started with ESEA MDL Premier league this week. We play two opening matches in the league, quickly followed by a Finnish offline event Vectorama which will be held from June 9th through June 11th in Oulu, Finland. Vectorama will be a qualifier for the Finnish national championship; last year we fell short against ENCE in the finals by losing 1–2.

Only few days after Vectorama our team will be heading to Bucharest to participate in the PGL Minor offline qualifiers. That will be a great opportunity for us. We will keep you posted about streams and match details, so make sure that you’re following our page in Facebook.


Moving from the gaming house

As many of you may know, our team has been living together in Kerava for over a year. Unluckily, our contract with the apartment has come to an end. Even though we tried to find a new home for our team, we couldn’t find one in time.

This means that at the end of June, our players will be moving into their own apartments. Despite the separation, we will continue our hard work and training to achieve our goals.

Who knows, maybe someday our team will be living together once again. But for now, we will go with what we have.

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