8 teams participated to the iGame.com Nordic Invitational #2 from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark! On top of iGame, teams participating were: Reason Gaming, Japaleno, meNikmati, Tricked, passions, Singularity and BX3. Final was played between iGame and Tricked which the Danish team ended up winning  2-0. Big thanks to everyone who participated to the tournament! Now, enjoy […]

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Taas mennään! Tästä tilasta tulee paikka, jossa avaan elämää esportsin monitoimijan silmin. Paikka, jossa uraa esportsissa rakentava mies tutkii ja pohtii asioita, joiden äärellä on itse ollut tai jotka ovat polttavia puheenaiheita yleisesti alan ympärillä. Itselleni on kunnia tehdä töitä ammatikseen asioiden parissa, jotka ovat lähtöisin harrastamisesta ja intohimosta. Se on aina ollut henkilökohtaisesti tärkeä asia, […]

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Game.com is very excited to host a second edition of the invitational tournament for Nordic teams. The online casino is pushing in $8000 for the teams to play for. This is the third tournament for iGame.com to host and it will be done in cooperation with GameAgents, featuring teams from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. […]

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Finnish esports legend Joona ”natu” Leppänen will produce iGame.com video and stream content as well as regular blogs from the world of esports. Leppänen is a retired Finnish Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legend. After his 15-year career at the highest level of CS, ”natu” has worked as a coach for Ninjas in Pyjamas, as […]

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